Main Attractions of Tuban

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Kwan Sing Bio Temple

Kwan Sing Bio Temple

A temple built in 18th century. Its name literally means the temple of the saint. It’s overlooking the vast Java sea and there is a crab statue instead of a dragon on its entrance gate.

Boom Beach Tuban East Java

Boom Beach

Boom Beach is known for its 1000 meters long artificial peninsula which serves as a breakwater for the tides. It’s a popular spot during the sunset for locals to enjoy the view and sample local culinary from street hawkers.

Nglirip Waterfall Tuban East Java

Nglirip Waterfall

Located in District Singgahan about 35km southwest of Tuban. You can get here by private vehicle or public transport. It is actually an irrigation dam which the stream flows to a lower area. Nglirip waterfall has a height of 35 meters and 28 meters wide.

Akbar Cave Tuban

Akbar Cave

Get enchanted while entering this historical cave. You’ll be greeted with a river stream filled with all kinds of fishes, traditional music of gamelan playing in the background. The river water is believed to offer magical health potion to those in need.

Ponpes Al-Maghribi

Al-Maghribi Islamic Boarding School

It’s uncommon for a boarding school to be built underground. Al-Maghribi was built in 2002 by magically turning a cave under limestone hill into a unique institution with various facilities. Many convicted felons have started a new life by graduating from this school.

Masjid Agung Tuban

The Great Tuban Mosque

It’s built in the 15th century, and believed to be the first place where Islam was spread throughout Tuban and East Java.The magnificent achitecture is a beautiful combination of Arabic culture and Indonesian traditional design.